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Simple and powerful

Save time and improve the quality of daily routine for coaches, analysts, medical staff, and other departments of the football academy

Player profile

Player virtual identity

Player information is stored in the player profile and used across the system. Player's skills, goals, observations, evaluation, and progress.


Aggregate player stats

Player reports

Get a full report for players' sessions and games activities. Get insights and analyze information based on aggregated data for specified period

Team data on a single screen

Team dashboard

You can get separate reports for players, conditions, attendance, or goals. The dashboard gives you an overview of all the data on a single screen. You can dive into the specific topic from this point.


Multiple calendar views

Team schedule

Planification for the detailed load planning. Sessions and games are represented with all the details for a better cycle overview. Switch between week and month views. Get a statistic overview right on your calendar. Share events with the team. Print beautiful PDFs with the team schedule.


Guide your players

Player goals

Set players' goals and track their progress. Team and player reports provide you with a good overview of the progress.

Set SMART goals for the player and achieve more.

Talk to your players

Observations and talk records

Recognize areas for improvements. Get back to the past talks.
Share with player, colleagues, parents.

Simple notes at a first look, but being integrated into the whole system it becomes more powerful.


Know your players

Exertion & Wellness Scale

Collect the conditions of your players. It will give more information about the situation. Who is overloaded? Who is ready for more work?

Each player can fill in this information on a daily basis within their account.

Create a task for the team. You will get a single link. Share it with your players.

Get notifications if something is out of regular range.

Training process


Create your methodology, add drills, and compose sessions.

Mark attendance, and create groups of players. Evaluate work during the session.

Print to PDF and share with colleagues and players.


Prepare to the game


Compose the lineup for the game. Save some notes and instructions.

Print to PDF and share with colleagues and players.

Store game time, goals, assists, cards, substitutions, and other game events.

Build reports for game statistics for any period of time

Evaluate team performance


Evaluate the performance of the team and players. Track the progress.

The session, each drill, or even each drill for each player. Detalization is up to you. Analyze the progress with charts and reports.


Helps you to use the system

Virtual AI assistant

It helps to collect the data. Shows suggestions and recommendations.

He will remind you to fill an empty day, players with missing goals, evaluate passed sessions and games, and much more.

Just register and create the first team.

How to get started

You will get instructions for the next steps to start working 


How to start?

Try it for free

Start by creating a free account. Create a club and add your team. One team is free forever. Pay as you add more teams to the club.

Invite your colleagues to work together. Any number of users can join your club. It is free of charge.

No boring tutorials. AI assistant will guide you within the app and will help to start working and understand the system.

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