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Our story

There is a long way from the idea to a revolution in football. We've learned a lot, and we've created a lot. Something was good - it was improved. Something didn't work - it was thrown away. We are proud of what is built at the edge of football and technology.


The huge world

Football is a fantastic game. And a huge world is hidden behind the stadium with fans and players. So many complex processes should work in synergy to allow players to grow as professionals and show outstanding results on the field.



The power of technologies

Computers help people to see information from a totally different angle. Coach and football managers should focus on the most important aspects of team development. Technologies should cover the rest. And provide insights that will make the process even more efficient. Such synergy can create a significant difference in the outcome. For the way how players think, play, and how the team progresses.

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Our story


The idea

There are so many things to be automated and improved in the way coaches work with their team, managers work and experts analyze the game.


First attempts to process tracking data 

We have got a portion of tracking data. And AI for match analysis was born. So many things to learn ;)

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