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Use all the features for any price plan

Even a free plan gives you all the features we offer. Create your UnderSports account and create as many organizations as you need. Join multiple teams or clubs for free. The free limit is one team per organization. If you have multiple teams in your organization and want to get the maximum benefit from the system, choose one of our paid plans.

Choose your pricing plan



Free plan

Perfect for a one team

1 Teams

Integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Assistant

Schedule your sessions and games

3 calendar types

Manage players goals

Evaluate players performance during games and sessions

Monitor the condition of the players and the load

Guest access to player profile for parents or agents

Create your methodology

Team dashboard with weekly reports

Player reports for selected period

Free players and parents access

Up to 50 players

Free access for all your colleagues


 139 / month

€1490 per year (save €178)

Good for managers responsible for few teams

3 Teams

Everything from the Coach Plan

Organization dashboard and reports

Players transfer between different teams

Up to 200 players


790 / month

€7990 per year (save €1490)

Big academy with hundreds of players

20 Teams

Everything from the Teams Plan

Support chat for your club

Onboarding assistance during a month

Up to 1000 players

To upgrade plan

Please contact us

Send a message:

"Hello, UnderSports! I need a Teams/Academy Plan"

with email, Telegram or WhatsApp. 

Use the buttons below to choose communication channel you prefer.

Youth Wrestling

Ask for your discount

We want everyone to use professional software to manage the team:

  • We provide free software for Ukrainian clubs not represented in the Ukrainianian Premier League.

  • Small academies funded solely by parents are eligible for a discount of up to 80%. Works for all over the world.

  • For the discount applicants, we will do short Zoom calls once in a few months to make sure you use the system, and talk about your progress. If the app is not being used you will lose the discount 🤷.

Why choose UnderSports

1 / Powerful

UnderSports App is created by Football experts and best engineers.

2 / Easy to use

The app is simply beautiful and straightforward. You should enjoy the tool you are using. 

3 / Smart

An artificial intelligence assistant will always tell you what to do in the system. Ontime suggestions, reminders, and reports. Just try it.

4 / Transparent

No hidden fees or payments. Free to register. Free for one team. All the features for any plan. Pay only if you need multiple teams in a single organization.

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