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Python Engineer

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Remote / Kyiv

Work type

Full time

What you will do

  • Write a lot of Python code.

  • Work with Google Cloud infrastructure.

  • Build a web app.

  • Search for patterns in tracking data.

  • Cover your code with unit tests.

  • Experiment with different approaches to solving problems.

  • Make mistakes and fix them.

  • Grow as an expert together with exciting people.


  • Good Python. At least 2 years of experience. Working with data - lots of numbers, lists, dicts. 

  • Mathematical state of mind. Technical education is a big plus. Algorithmic thinking.

  • Jupiter Notebook experience.

  • NumPy, Pandas, etc.

  • Linear algebra knowledge is a big plus.

  • Understand football rules.

  • Love football.

Why it's working?

We've built UnderSports App while leading a huge academy. Hundreds of players. We did it to control all the aspects of player development and show the best results. We tested many ideas. Thew away what is not working and keep features which bring the value. And we are proud of the result.


Python Engineer

We are looking for 2 Python engineers to work together on something incredible and new to the football world.

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