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Get control over the chaos

A powerful and simple system

to manage and control your football academy and grow professional players

What we are doing?

Simple and powerful app to manage players development

Powerful and at the same time simple tool to structure, manage and share data within the club or football academy.

Games and sessions, goals and retrospective talks, methodology, drills, performance and mental health, evaluations, and reports.

We’ve made it easy to use!

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What is the motivation?

We help to make the football academy a profitabale organization

Professional tools help you to grow good players for the main team. Save on buying players and earn on transfers.

Is it for you?

For coaches and managers

Get full control over your team or academy.

Collect the data about your team and players' development. Simply get insights with our analytics engine and AI assistant.

The system takes all the complexity and gives you clear and rich reports.

Team dashboard. With attendance, load, evaluations

Looks time-consuming and complicated?

Invest a few minutes a day to stay one step ahead

Any detail matters for the athlete's development. The system will help to collect, store and process the data. You will be provided with the reports to make decisions.


Who is behind it?

We build it with passion

The UnderSports App was created at the edge of football and technology. Our team includes football experts, coaches, analysts, sports managers, scouts, and software engineers.

Is it something you need?

Can it help you to achieve your goals?

We have created it for ourselves first. Tested on small clubs and huge academies with hundreds of players.
We are happy with how it works for us and want to share it with you now.


What UnderSports App gives your


Play for the main team after graduation from the academy


See the player's progress and can assist in his / her professional grows


Everything is under control. System gives advice based on collected data


Remove chaos. Keep everything under control. Achieve academy goals


How to start?

Try it for free

Start by creating a free account. Create a club and add your team. One team is free forever. Pay as you add more teams to the club.

Invite your colleagues to work together. Any number of users can join your club. It is free of charge.

No boring tutorials. AI assistant will guide you within the app and will help to start working and understand the system.


You gonna join a good company

We are working with people who want to be the best in the industry. We continuously learn and apply best practices with our partners. And I'm talking about both technologies and the football of football.




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